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Welcome to one of the world's most prominent TEFL Course providers of Teachers for Teacher Training to facilitate Teaching English Abroad. Leaders in the field TEFL Course in India, TESOL Course in India, American TESOL Institute is continually on the cutting edge. Whether TEFL Teacher Training curriculum or exotic locations, ATI is leading the way. India is soon to become the world’s largest population and they need English teachers. So if you want to teach English in India?

Our TEFL Course

  • ATI presents the most comprehensive 120 hrs of International TEFL India course
  • Accreditations from reputed institutions
  • Inexpensive, easy and the best Specialized Tutors with a Personal touch well informed and Helpful support staff
  • Best ESL Job offers.

It was very practical and stimulating. I’ll be able to apply most of what I’ve learnt to other teaching situations as well – Harry lenn
Our Combo Packages

Our candidates have a unique opportunity to Learn, Teach and Travel. After three weeks of TEFL course, the teachers are provided a life time opportunity of an internship.